Kommunique 10

Back in Studio roXXor2!

Kieronononon have to make an incredibly honest, and open statement here. We had a productive five day stint with recording and video creation.... however, we weren't entirely happy with the quantity, or quality of all of our output ... we wrote some great stuff, and that is coming.. but there's not quite enough of it yet. We're cutting all the shit, and the "new album" will be 100% awesome due to this. However, it has meant we're delaying the album until at least March or April. SORRY. It would be easy enough for us just to release another EP, but we really want to take things a step further this time.

We are looking at various methods of distributing the album. There will be CD versions, free download versions, and more... it's gonna be immense when it hits, so just look forward to it.

March of the Bugs will be on the new album.

And here's a PICTURE of what we look like, in case you have forgotten:

Reflections from the RockRIOcTober tour 15/10/2009 - 25/10/2009

Awesome - well, thanks to everyone who came out to see brutaltechnopunk on tour. We had a great time with all of you, and we've got some cool memories of each and every night! Special thanks to everyone who came along to see us, especially the superfans - thanks for inviting us, guys - it was badass. We broadcast worldwide over the internet from Wakefield, we battled against a broken PA in Leamington (again!!!), we went to theirs and partied with Dildano in Bournemouth and we finally played our first Sheffield gig, with 2 days notice. Sheffield->Bournemouth->Hull was a trek, but well worth it! Thanks to everyone who let us crash on their floors, especially once we'd been drinking. 

We also apologise to anyone who drank Kieronononon's Cockstab(tm) Liquor. It really needs a better warning on the label. That stuff is horrible. And probably dangerous. Also, when we said that we'd already tried some and that it was ok - we were lying. We wouldn't ever dream of drinking something that smells like Cockstab.

We'll be plotting and planning for 'next time' soon, but first we gotta be finishing off the album... - you guys are gonna love it.

Shit, anyway - here's some pictures from our adventures:

Kieronononon Kompare challenge

This week your favourite Brutal Technopunk band will be komparing facial hair.  Each member will be adopting a facial hairstyle and reviewing it

Floatstar px will be reviving the classic half moustache look, Goatbuoy will be telling the world what it was like to be clean shaven for the first time in 5 years and orta will be reviewing the porn moustache look.

Goatbuoy:  Shaving my beard off made me realise how much growing facial hair BLOODY HURTS!  I wont be doing it again in  a hurry, I was itchy, sore and babyfaced, I give this style:

orta: Wouldn't trade this moustache for anything. Anything. I give this style:


floatstarpx: having half a moustache was cool. everyone loved it, and it confused bounchers. I give this style:

If you have any facial hair advice, questions, or observations please e-mail them to timsque@hotmail.com :) :)


In light of the upcoming general election, this weeks Kommunique will be providing the top 5 most political songs in history (no taxpayers were harmed in the making of this top 5).

Coldplay Politik - the reason is in the title - they're obviously singing about the state of post-revolutionary Russian politics, which is why the song is spelt with a k.

Girls Aloud No good Advice - they're angry at the establishment, but they still throw in some surf guitar - good one girls!

Butthole Surfers Goofy's Concern - there's not much that they give a fuck about, and poltics is one of them, which in itself is political.

Queen Bicycle - rather than being sent off to Vietnam to fight for his country, Freddie Mercury staged a bike riding protest at a local gym before being hauled off to prison and shot for cowidice.

Dirty Pretty Things Bang bang (you're dead) - a prolific (if insensitive) insight into the assassination of JFK and Martin Luther King Jr.

And as a special I would like to nominate Shattered by Coki. Never before has dub-step pushed the political boundaries like this song, the strong use of soviet-esk beats (well there was Coldplay...) and the obvious repetition implies that in the modern day we all are indeed trapped in a cycle that can only lead to a subtle fade out of society.


It's been so long since the last Kommunique, so here are just some general tips on how to correct things, from me - ZeroEcho, master of KORRECTION.

1) APOSTROPHES. Nobody really knows what they are for, but make sure you put some in. The more you put in the better. Some people think that there are only certain places you can put them, but this is incorrect. Apostrophes can go wherever you want.
2) If it sounds the same, it is the same. Some people think that "you're" and "your" are different words. This isn't true!!!! It's a myth made up in recent years to prevent people becoming too good at writing.
3) Fact checking. If you are writing a fact, make sure to check it with a reliable source, such as Wikipedia. If it doesn't say it on Wikipedia, you can make it a fact by editing the wikipedia page to say what you want. Some people call this vandalism, but I like to think of it as creative newsmaking.
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