Kierononon Komm - Issue 7

Kierononononed out?! Don't sit down just yet - there's more coming:
23rd July - Fox and Firkin, South London - supporting Let Our Enemies Beware

KHole of the Month:

Supposedly this guy is more famous than Kierononononnon, but we think he just wanted to send texts to his girlfriend and so we hung out with the rest of brokenCYDE.


We got a review from one of our gigs online, the reviewer pretty much fell in love with orta, making a brief mention of the venerable Goat Boy and not even a word about that pesky floatstarpx, check it out at altsounds.

So we rocked out totally hard, quite a few things went wrong - double bookings, and a venue closing down (for good) the day before we arrived - life as a brutaltechnopunkist isn't easy. However we persevered, moved the gigs and completely sold out of t-shirts. Perhaps the next tour we'll just be t-shirt salesmen. On that subject, you can buy Kierononononon t-shirts during the lul between gigs, just drop an email to orta with size and maybe colour preferences


ITS James Bond time - so here's some an awesome remix of "...and you're not James Bond either"

robberswithdynamite - cotton eye remix
original track - Kieronononon - ...and you're not james bond either

Kieronnonon Q&A Session

E-mail us your questions, pictures and other random crap to . We'll choose the best of the bunch and reply to them in the next issue of kommunique. All featured e-mail writers will receive a free thing! It will probably be a copy of our new EP, but it might also be

(if your e-mail is very good) a Kieronononon t-shirt or similar!

Dear Kieronononon,

You guys must have loadsa great tour stories, share one with your adoring fans.

 -- Skank Girl

orta: Hrm, I'm not very good at answering questions that are vague, maybe px could talk about how he always gets us kicked out of house parties cause his dancing sucks. Or how Kieronononon get banned from clubs for putting up their posters even though we aint playing there.

floatstarpx: or the time goatboy created a "situation" which required 2 air-fresheners to eradicate, and also got us kicked out of our own gig after playing...

goatboy: or the time when orta didn't talk to a girl. actually, that's pretty much all the time.


Dear Kieronononon,

Is it true that nothing beats a Mewtwo in the original Pokemon red/blue? Do you know if anything else compares in the newer fancy colored games?

 -- Daniel Clark


floatstarpx: Yeah, there's some pretty hench pokemon in the new version. My recommendation is that you save just before fighting the boss pokemon, so if you don't manage to catch them you can reload your save. I forget what it's called but there's this huge one that looks kinda like a dinosaur and it can shoot a purple and black sphere which does loads of damage. I caught one of those and I don't think anyone can beat it. Except orta, he's always beating it, huh huh.

orta: well there's mew, that's a rare one but the pokedex says that other pokemon refuse to fight it, so in theory the mew would win if the mewtwo said no. I used to use the master ball on mewtwo so I pwnt him. Beaten.

goatboy: My research says that there is one pokémon stronger than Mewtwo, and that is Arceus, the pokémon God. 



Normally we'd like to let ZeroEcho do the corrections in the correction corner, but as his review of the Kierononon Komm 6 was that it 'on first read I found no problems (the other's I only read once too but they stood out hence the mention)' we would be so kind as to correct ZeroEcho's correction.

  1. Page 1 email link didnt work.
  2. No space after quote of "No one laughed" on page 2.
  3. orta's name isn't bolded like the rest on the first question.
  4. Page 8's content is completely missing and only in the email version.
  5. Page 9's left side text has no margin. And it looks like a breast.
  6. None of the links in the footer at the last page work.