Kierononon Komm - Issue 6

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      Gigs coming up:

    [28th May - HULL ADELPHI]+ schoolgirls + franks

    [29th May - LEEDS PRIMROSE] supp Subterraneans

    [30th May - LEAMINGTON SPA JAM JAM] + gehtika

KHole of the Month:

Its the Jack, of the Green. Of the festival we just happened to go to, where we joined in he parade. There are some great pics of this on orta's flickr


We often get people asking if they can remix our stuff, so - download these remix packs and get remixing!

no one laughed REMIX PACK

...and you're not james bond either REMIX PACK

An introspective on remixing Kieronononon

A fair while ago, I approached the fine chaps of Kieronononon with the idea of doing a remix of one of their tracks. They accepted and I ended up doing a tinkering job on the track "Fetch" which can be heard at Now you lucky people are getting a chance to do the same to some of their newer tracks, so I thought I'd give a little insight/advice (if you want it) in to bastardising their music. 

I think it's essential to have an idea of the overall theme/style you're aiming for before you start, rather than winging it as you go along. In this case, I decided to enhance the darkness and madness (among other things) I felt was inherent in the track. I took things away, added some extra harmonies using spacey, eerie sounds, added verbs in various places and generally tried to fill everything out a bit. I also changed the drum feel of most of the track, using a half-time feel for a lot of it to enhance the slow-burning mystique of the whole thing. 

It was good fun and I was happy with how it turned out - hopefully the guys in the band were too. Now it's your turn. I'd recommend you dive in to the superb world of Kieronononon and give it a go. There's plenty of scope in their stuff to take it in pretty much any direction you want. And if you have to cope with bars of 14/16 and such like, it only makes it more fun! 

Mr. Introspective


ITS "no one laughed" remix time, here's some remixes of "no one laughed". next time ... james bond!

robberswithdynamite - dont get so excited mix and really big feet mix
[more info @ ]
Kieronononon Vs Kallisti - No-one laughed but me

[more info @ ]
original track - Kieronononon - No One Laughed

Kieronnonon Q&A Session

E-mail us your questions, pictures and other random crap to . We'll choose the best of the bunch and reply to them in the next issue of kommunique. All featured e-mail writers will receive a free thing! It will probably be a copy of our new EP, but it might also be

(if your e-mail is very good) a Kieronononon t-shirt or similar!

Dear Kierononon,

It has been about a year since Johnny Marr (formally of The Smiths) joined Wakefield based band The Cribs, however Mr Marr is well known for his collaborations and side projects, would you be interested in allowing Mr Marr to join Kierononon or at least collaborate with him?

PS: If this were to happen, would goatboy do a shit on him?

-- James Twiddy

floatstarpx: the only kinds of collaborations we do are ones where goatboy does a shit.

orta: a collaboration would be cool. Err. I think I've heard of The Smiths. But maybe its just the glue that got stuck in my mustache.

goatboy: i hate being stereotyped as the kind of man who shits everywhere.  But either way, Mr Marr recently collaborated with a certain singer/guitarist/song writer whom I am rather in love with, so it would be good to do based on that - other than that, I saw him play some Hendrix covers a few years ago, but he was unfortunately put on straight after Squarepusher so I found him rather boring.

floatstarpx: I think goatboy is the only member of the band who knows who this Mr Marr is. I just keep thinking of that bloke off the news with the long arms. y'know the one?

orta: I don't watch the news...

Are you working on any new songs at the moment, and if so what are their names? oh and also, will you be gigging anywhere else this year, and are you making a new video if you are working on a new song?
-- Emily Regan

floatstarpx: Of course, we never stop. I am joining the futuristic world of twitter so people can know our every move. watch this space!!

Goatboy:  I'm currently pursuing a solo career as a Bob Dylan impersonator, and writing my own shit love songs, so I don't really have time for these losers anymore

orta: and I'm devoting the rest of my life to getting more pictures like the one below. Any models can apply to the usual email address, and you bring the booze and I'll bring the camera.

floatstarpx: We've decided brutaltechnopunk is out, acoustic rock is what everyone needs more of.

What fun things can we expect at the gigs?

Well we're selling some complimentary posters, that is posters with compliments on them. So you can tell all your friends about the most polite brutal techno punk band ever. We'll maybe have Kierononon clothes, kieronononno wristbands and maybe even kool Kieronononon badges. We're a regular sell-out band yeah! So buy our stuff. Then we'll make more music. Expect to get K-Holed.

Most blatently exploitative distracting KHole Yet

Note the orange fill, now that's attention to detail!. More like this please!

Goatboys corner di Italiano

Buon giorno If there's a guy hanging around who is wearing a shirt with all the buttons up, and is trying to make a move on your girlfriend, he happens to speak Italian, and is quite a bit yougner than you - what you say is "Vafanculo" (bold is where the emphasis is).  When the girlfriend asks you why this guy has just left you say "E uno stronzo".  This can equally be used when you are trying to muscle in on a younger persons girlfriend, and is the Italian equivalent to "Fuck off mate".

Zeroecho would like to make the following corrections, after mistakes were made in the previous issue of the Kieronononon Kommunique. Unfortunately, Kieronononon didn't have the foresight to remember to keep hold of the corrections, so these are from memory:
1) Something was written twice, in the Q&A section.
2) We forgot to answer an entire section of his question.
3) We also couldn't count to ten properly.
OK, see you next time in ZeroEcho's correction corrrnnerrrrr, where quality comes first!!!