the kierononononon kom-unique                                             issue 3

Woohoo, issue 3, we're late but that's fine. We're just releasing this fasionably late, 'coz we were partying hard.

So "three man party" hey? Still an awesome EP, still new. Still worth checking out! and we always want more spam awesome emails at :
Look - we're sat here, lonely and alone, and lonely - with only our brutaltechnopunk to keep us company... the least you could do is send us an e-mail so we can feel loved. OK, so we're not really lonely - but you can still e-mail us.

You can see our new(ish) video for EVENTUALLY HE DID on youtube here:
we're sorry it doesn't feature much lard or cake, but it does have other totally punk-rock things like drinking and puking. \m/

Kieronononon's Custom Bed Shape Of The Month

orta: I'd be the gherkin, all green and slimy
floatstarpx: It looks surprisingly comfortable, although its hard to get a sense of scale
goatboy: for real. the bun is seeded, and it even has cheese and lettuce

Kieronononon excessively scene picture-anecdote of the month brought to you by Kieronononon

Don't cry yourselves to sleep tonight, brutaltechnopunk fans.

Kieronononon Q&A Session

E-mail us your questions, pictures and other random crap to . We'll choose the best of the bunch and reply to them in the next issue of brutal techno focus. All featured e-mail writers will receive a free thing! It will probably be a copy of our new EP, but it might also be (if your e-mail is very good) a Kieronononon t-shirt or similar!

This week we received a record breaking 3 questions in one email! so I'll print it in it's original form, then we can answer the questions:

O Raul Seixas ( disse que ser artista no Brasil era uma tarefa muito complexa. E ser artista na Inglaterra?
O que vocês acham da culinária brasileira?
Qual o melhor amigo do Snoopy?

Renata Saavedra

Raul Seixas said that it is a very complex task to be an artist in Brazil, is it the same in England?

orta: Its complex enough that between the three of us we're always baffled. Is that what you mean?

floatstarpx: We tend to make things difficult for ourselves - usually unintentionally.

goatboy: We're trying to break in to the punk scene, but they keep noticing we're not a punk band.

floatstarpx: oh yeah. they're like "hey, we never invited you idiots".

orta: totally.

What do you guys think of Brazilian food?

floatstarpx: I have never eaten it.

goatboy: I like the fact that there's very little hair in it.  Other than that can't think of anything funny any of us could say to answer this question, without us sounding ignorant... so best we just leave it at that. I prefer questions where I get cornered in to admitting I pissed or shat on things.

orta: That is most questions.

What is the best Friend of Snoopy?

orta: Wasn't it that little yellow bird thing?
floatstarpx: I didn't realise this was a quiz.
goatboy: Woodstock.

Are you just making up questions and then putting people's names by them? - Tim Sque, Dildano
floatstarpx: I think that we value our readers enough not to insult their intelligence by doing that.
goatboy: for real. besides - you really think we could make these ridiculous questions people keep sending us up!?

Dear Kieronononon, do you have any strange rituals which you perform before or after playing?
orta: not before playing, apart from maybe wearing hoodies and having one single beer.
goatboy: I usually like to relax with a bowl of curly fries before we go on, they really help me relax.
floatstarpx: Not so much before playing, but after/during recording - we have a thing we call a "Kieronononon special".
goatboy: It's nothing disgusting, or perverted - it's a meal.
orta: A disgusting, perverted, carbohydrate rich meal.
floatstarpx: ...which we will provide the recipe for (with photos) in the next episode of KIERONONONONON KOMMUNQIUE!!! [sic]

-- Kieronononon Special Recipe
-- Video special from PX-FEST 2009
-- Yet more of your Qs get A'd