the kierononononon kommunique                                             issue 2 

Hi, whoah, its issue number 2! You might notice something different about this issue of the Kieronononon Kommunique. That's right - it's got an octopuzz at the top!!!

So "three man party" hey? Still an awesome EP, still new. Still worth checking out! and we always want more spam awesome emails at :

You can see our new(ish) video for EVENTUALLY HE DID on youtube here:
we're sorry it doesn't feature much lard or cake, but it does have other totally punk-rock things like drinking and puking. \m/

Kieronononon's Ice-cream based dessert of the Month

floatstarpx: ice cream in the middle, sponge cake around the edge. bit of jam in between. brilliant.
orta: I heard you could set them on fire and the ice cream doesn't melt. Maybe scientists should try make space-ships out of them?
goatboy:  I can't eat them :-(

Kieronononon excessively rock'n'roll picture-anecdote of the Month brought to you by Kieronononon

This is a picture of the day we fixed the washing machine. It took ages and was hardly worth it.

Kieronononon Q&A Session

E-mail us your questions, pictures and other random crap to . We'll choose the best of the bunch and reply to them in the next issue of brutal techno focus. All featured e-mail writers will receive a free thing! It will probably be a copy of our new EP, but it might also be (if your e-mail is very good) a Kieronononon t-shirt or similar!

Dear Kieronononononononononononon: When can we, your long term fans, expect you to get big so we can start telling people we were there when they were still hardcore, before they sold out?

Also, what is the band's position on auto-erotic asphyxiation?

Yours in Christ, Cameron

goatboy: This is very likely as we are the most brutally techno punk band ever - and where there is a need there is a provider - expect big things in the next year and a half - we can sign your cock if you like. Regarding AEA - Usually dangling from a light fixture with a tube of lube in one hand and a lava lamp up the sphynx.... that is the usual position right guys?
orta: I'd say if you actually read the Komm issue one you're probably an old skool fan already. But hrm, I reackon we'll get to sell ourselves out someday pretty, soon, I keep hearing how brutaltechnopunk is the next big thing. So being oldskool would mean you saw the first issue when it was released.
For aspyxi-wanking, we have a particularly good tutorial video which you can watch here:
orta:Don't forget to include some balloons!

true/false? Goat-boy once took a dump in his room, then pissed on his laptop. -J. Twiddy
goatboy: Now this question is shrouded in mystery.  Goat has believed for the past two years that he probably did take a shit in his room and piss on his laptop - however, meditation on the matter has led him to a different conclusion.  There is a toilet adjacent to his bedroom in Hastings - so it is likely that someone came from downstairs and mistook his room for the toilet, shat on the floor and pissed everywhere - he is totally willing to accept that it was him, if not for the total lack of recollection, and the implausibility of him mistaking the room he was already in for the toilet that was next door.
floatstarpx: Yes, he did take a dump in his room. Yes he did piss on his laptop.
goatboy: In short - there was shit on the floor and piss on the laptop - the source of which is as yet known....
I hope this clears the matter up - like he did the next day 2 hours before setting off to Hull and with one of the worst hangovers ever.
orta: I think he means yes then.

 Kieronononononn: I hear you British guys only drink tea and warm beer is this true? Raissa

orta: Tea's alright, I prefer a sugar-shot of hot chocolate though personally. A good Rich Tea biscuit and a cup of assam is hard to beat in the morning though. Also, I feel I should pimp out Rock Star energy drink as I'm living on the stuff at the moment.
floatstarpx: stop pimping branded products dude, we need to save that for when we sell out - Cameron thinks this is due soon.
goatboy: orta's never drunk a beer, and if he says so he's a liar. he's never even talked to a girl.
floatstarpx: Goatboy is right. ...and to answer your question - yes, those are actually the only two drinks available over here.

orta: Purple Speedoes
goatboy: I'm currently sporting a pair of blue patterned tight leg boxers.
floatstarpx: I'm currently without underwear, but usually while I'm with the guys I do my best to wear some.