the kierononononon kommunique                                             issue 1

Hi, and welcome to issue one of the 'kieronononon komminque', the semi-regular e-magazine from Kieronononon. We hope this can be an exciting and interactive way for us to talk about ourselves, and for you to look at things we think are cool. E-mail us your thoughts, ideas, pictures, questions and whatever else you want at

We've just finished our NEW EP "three man party". We really like it, and we hope you do too! Our new website is also up and running, and on there you can find our videos, mp3s, photos, uh, well - most Kieronononon related things.

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Kieronononon Obscure Pokemon of the Month

This month's obscure Pokemon, as chosen by Kieronononon is DUSCLOPS.
The card says:
description: "it's body is hollow. it is said that those who look into its body are sucked into the void".
moves: Confuse Ray (20), Trick Room (40)
Kieronononon say:
floatstarpx: wow, this pokemon is a kinda purply-grey colour. it's got one eye.
goatboy: i have a shiny pikachu card, which beats this hands down.
orta: He kinda looks like he's sitting down and standing up at the same time...

Special thanks to Fabian for sending us this photo of party-time Pikachu partying hard.

Kieronononon Q&A Session

E-mail us your questions, pictures and other random crap to . We'll choose the best of the bunch and reply to them in the next issue of brutal techno focus. All featured e-mail writers will receive a free thing! It will probably be a copy of our new EP, but it might also be (if your e-mail is very good) a Kieronononon t-shirt or similar!

Q: "I'm sure I saw you guys on reality-TV hit Shipwrecked: Battle of the Islands 2008. How did you adapt to island life?" - Thom Ash
floatstarpx: That was not us.
goatboy: We built a hut, but it was leaky and this caused us to get grouchy. Also, the food was not great, and the show's producers kept trying to start arguments within the group to make for better viewing on television.
floatstarpx: No really, that wasn't us.
orta: I caught some fish, but then nobody would eat them. I don't even like fish! Oh and for the record when goat boy said 'we' get grouchy. He means himself.
floatstarpx: You also have to take in to account that it wasn't us.

Q: "Kierononononon is seems you are obviously men of serious manlyness, how is it that one of your members is the most polite man I've ever met" - Jamie Campbell.
orta: I doubt it's me he's talking about.
float: yeah, he said manly. I dont think he even realizes you're in the band
orta: aww. goatboy isnt that polite once you get to know him, he's only polite to people he doesnt know.

Q: 'What're your plans for all the money you're making off all these t-shirts? Tom .B'

orta: I was thinking of spending it on hookers and cocaine
goatboy: That's a blatant rip-off of crotchduster dickhead!
float: I don't think he's even heard of crotchduster, have you heard of crotchduster?
orta: yep...
goatboy: dickhead.
float: so I was thinking I would spend it on video games and chocolate coins

Q: 'I bet no-ones gonna emails you! -'
goatboy: but you just did! That defeats your point! Hahaha

Q: "I have attached a photo of myself for you. I hope you like it. I have covered my nipples with Kieronononon logos for you" - David M
orta: that's not really a question.
floatstarpx: oh dear.
goatboy: oh dear. i think we might have a stalker. the bad kind.
orta: ....well, i guess we should at least give him a CD?